Best 3D Bluray Movies

What are the best 3D movies for your 3D TV available now on bluray? Sure, you've already broken in Avatar(You have, right?), but you want a to enjoy even more thrilling and immersive experiences on your 3D TV. We want to help you weed out the duds and the "3D as an afterthought" titles and cut straight to the chase with our hand-picked best-of-the-best, community reviewed 3D bluray movies.

3D has come a long way since the red and blue glasses and B-movies of the 1950s and is well on its way to becoming a modern standard in entertainment. High-definition video quality on bluray discs allow for a tremendously rich movie watching experience and the movie industry is responding to this emerging technology trend.

From Toy Story to The Avengers to How to Train Your Dragon to the 3D-remastered Wizard of Oz - there are plenty of great movies that will take your home theater to a whole new dimension. As great as these movies are it is exciting to think of the great 3D movies that are just around the corner.

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